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Dripping with polyethylene, as wang Yang; Standing assimilative, modest to the world.

As the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council "the central committee of the communist party of China under the state council on the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating northeast China and other old industrial bases several opinions issued, our country started the implementation of the revitalization of northeast old industrial base plan, in March 2010, the first company to produce stainless steel welded pipe in the northeast of enterprise arises at the historic moment, yingkou and pipe co., LTD

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Contact us

Company name: yingkou into tube and industry co., LTD

Address: LiaoNing (YingKou) coastal industrial base corniche 141 south

Touch: Mr. Dong

Hand machine: 13898743131

Fixed: 0417-2944455

The true: 0417-2944455

Mail box: dht@ykchgy.com

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